A Colorado Perspective on SOPA & PIPA

How many times have you heard….”Call your Congressman”? Well we did just that. With all the focus and attention today about the proposed legislation in the House and Senate:

We decided to enact our civic duty and called our Congressman and Senators to voice our opinion and get their stance.

For Congressional District 5, the representative is:

The state’s Senators are:

Congressman Lamborn (R) – Currently Opposed. Website was down at the time of our call “due to large amount of email traffic to the site”. However, we were directed to his Facebook post : “While online piracy is a very real problem, and one that certainly needs to be addressed, it is equally important to maintain Americans’ right to an open internet; therefore I am opposing SOPA.” - http://www.facebook.com/CongressmanDougLamborn?ref=ts&sk=wall

Senator Udall’s Position (D): Opposed. We were directed to Senator Udall’s website for his official statement on the bill“Make no mistake, Congress must find ways to stop foreign theft and online distribution of illegal content to U.S. consumers. But, unfortunately, provisions in PIPA appear to create unintended consequences that could stifle U.S. innovation, limit Americans’ free speech rights, increase the risk of cyber-attacks, and undermine how the Internet functions. Such an impact would affect U.S. Internet consumers and entrepreneurs. We can’t allow this to occur.”

Senator Michael Bennet – CO-SPONSOR OF THE BILL. His staffers said Senator Bennet is aware of citizen’s concerns and hopes the bill can be changed. When asked for his official position on the bill as well as a link to the statement, we were directed to a Denver Post article written today which states: “Tuesday Bennet backed away from supporting it in its current form.”

It is clear that the politicians know these bills are bad news in their current state. Modifying the bills in their current state is not enough – they need to start over. The spin is that these bills are good for the economy and will create jobs by allowing the entertainment industry to grow and protect company whose products are counterfeit and sold online. The government needs this bill to have the power to stop these websites – however, in November of 2011 the government seized 150 websites known for selling counterfeit goods or copyrighted materials.

Often it is hard to sift through the hype and excitement of the movements against or for legislation. For that very reason, here are links to official summaries, supporters, and opponents of these bills.

The official summaries of the bills can be found here:

Supporters and opponents of the bills can be found here:

Q2 Interactive Media is committed to an open internet! WE oppose the proposed SOPA and PIPA acts. WE will continue to stay on top of this legislation, actions for and against it, and keep our clients informed about what they can do to stay involved.

If you’re interested in Q2′s services please contact Michael Paxton at 719-266-2299 or visit our Website dedicated to design, development, hosting, web presence optimization, and above all – an excellent customer experience!

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